TC Rybicki


TC Rybicki is an independent author committed to storytelling and stirring up emotions. TC loves to write, writes to live some days. She enjoys a simple life in Texas with her husband and a brood of kiddos. TC adores her dogs, cats, beardies and a turtle named Tiny. When she isn’t writing, she is taking care of the family, cooking or walking for fresh air to hash out plot bunnies.

My Story

All my life people have said my life story sounds like a book. Writing it down is almost impossible so I take what I’ve learned, observe what goes on in every direction and listen to the voices inside my head that demand to be heard. This is why I write and how I write with personal devotion to tell a story. My own journey through life hasn’t always been easy, but it made me who I am. I’m still learning and counting on a happy ending. The stories I tell reflect a similar sentiment.

Meet the Crew

This is where I get my inspiration.
Why? Because my family is the reason I am who I am.


Couple Alert


This is the hubby and I on a much needed date night. He is the Gib to my Alison. If you know what that means, I just dated us. He’s the man with the plan and works hard to take care of us.  He’s the reason I can be a mother to the Brood of Kiddos and be an author in between takes of real life.


Brood of Kiddos

This is them… 8 is great!

We have kiddos!  They are all gorgeous and unique if you can’t tell by their shadows. They come in various shapes and sizes and give me a daily dose of laughter, knowledge and emotional trauma. This bunch makes up my CREW of support.  There is a book or secondary character in each and every one of them.



The turtle we love.

Truth is my nickname could be “Too Many.” I have too many children, write too many words for industry standards and I also collect heartbeats. That’s what I say when we add another pet to the mix. “That’s another heartbeat around this house.”

The last thing we needed was another reptile, but I found Tiny on a walk almost buried under the sidewalk.  I thought he was an odd little green nut.  No joke.  He was about the size of a quarter when I found him. It was cold and I thought he was lost from his nest and would die out there because egrets were flying around that day. I took him home to the wee ones for some odd reason. I honestly thought they’d get a kick out of the tiniest turtle in history and then we’d find him a safe harbor and hoped he made it. Fast forward a year and half… Tiny’s heartbeat is strong in this house and he is officially part of The Crew.

Next Steps…

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