Who Am I?

I thought this was a good place to start for the blog. Who am I? Who is TC and why does she write? I don’t know how to answer that other than telling you bits and pieces.

First off, I’m getting subscribers so that’s exciting. I’m not sure what leads people to blogs, or websites, since I’m new to this. The day I started getting subscribers, I panicked. Something is wrong. Who are these people? I was convinced someone mistakenly started a rumor this is a new porn blog and they’d be sorely mistaken when I started updating. Sorry, don’t abandon me if that’s the actual case. I have serious abandonment issues already. That will soon be evident.

I write.

This is a writing blog for the most part, I think. I like photography and art. I also like food and recipes. I would love to say I like exercise. It’s good. I’m not against exercise. I do it, not enough, but that is always the plan. I tell myself tomorrow, six sharp, I’m exercising. I’ll announce it the moment that actually occurs. I also love nature and travel. I don’t travel much as of today, but it’s in my future just like hiking, rock climbing and skydiving. This blog could be many things eventually.

I’ll start at the beginning. First, there was a young woman that caught the eye of a young man and they fell madly in love. They decided to make a family. Wrong. I made all that up. That’s not how it happened.

Starting over.

Okay, so yadda yadda yadda, the woman didn’t keep the baby. That baby is me. Was me. I’m not a baby anymore. I was born in the heart of another family. Have you ever heard that term? Born in my heart? It’s used in the adoption circles, so yeah, I’m adopted. That’s cool. I’m glad. It’s always a great conversation starter. This might be a good place to stop for tonight.

One reason I write: I’m adopted.

Love, TC

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