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The Price of Penny

Chet Parker lived a charmed life. Millions of fans adored him. Starring in one of Hollywood’s hottest franchises provided instant fame and all the perks a young man could ever want. He had the love and support of his family and friends. Life was almost perfect until he realized it wasn’t and there are some things money can’t buy.


Penelope Kopernik built a wall to survive. She set goals and proceeded to live a disciplined and orderly life. Her heart closed itself off a long time ago out of necessity. Love was no longer on the agenda. The last thing she craved was the attention of a cocky, self-absorbed actor, but once she had it, the plan started to change and so did she.

One chance meeting proved neither had life figured out. Their destinies merged when they least expected it. Could they survive what the future held or would they burn bright until they faded out?

He had the world at his fingertips, but she was about to cost him everything.

Book / In the Works


The next book in line for publishing. Storyline tease… a single father with his hands full and an aspiring country singer meet under an artificial rain shower. Fun, family and a few unexpected occurrences banish all chances of boredom.